Krystle likes to make fun of me. I’ve provided her with plenty of fodder over the years, but recently she likes to make fun of me because she has convinced herself that I want my next home to be one of those monolithic dome houses. Super energy efficient, maybe half built into the side of […]

Hey y’all. This is K. You’re about to read the full account of the engine repair. If you have been following along, you know that the engine has been up and running for several months now. I know that you’ve been eagerly awaiting all of the details and wondering what the heck is taking so […]

The title of this post is not meant to be sarcastic. I will elaborate on the reality of that statement in a moment, but I would first like to share with you some alternative titles that were considered for this entry: “The Wizard of Ew”; “The Lion, the Witch, and the Where’s-that-smell-coming-from”; “The Great Gaspy”; […]

After reading Upgrade 1 – The Saga of the Propane Locker we received a complaint about our dirty-sailor-potty-mouths. Juuuust kidding. It’s our only vice that doesn’t lead to liver failure so don’t even think about trying to get us to quit! We actually received a comment from a friend about how amazed she was that we […]

aft cabin chaos

As promised, we are now starting to delve deeper into the frustrations that we’ve come across since purchasing the boat. It’s sorta like y’all are free therapy for us. Suckers. It all started with a phone call from Tim the Rigger. “We have a problem,” he said. These words had become a frequently uttered statement […]