Small World Big Dream

Nonsense writings from sailors who lost their minds among the various boat improvement projects.

Sailboats are like icebergs. A substantial portion of them lies beneath the surface of the water. The entire existence of the boat is a balance to keep her afloat and upright. A lot of engineering and mathematics can explain how it all works, but our main objective as boat owners is to keep water on […]

Can there truly be a Taco Tuesday when you eat tacos multiple times a week? YES. Every day with tacos is a day to celebrate. Shout out to the Metcalf clan in Tucson who really got me hooked. One of these days Kris is gonna perfect those things! Can you believe that even though Craig […]

Krystle likes to make fun of me. I’ve provided her with plenty of fodder over the years, but recently she likes to make fun of me because she has convinced herself that I want my next home to be one of those monolithic dome houses. Super energy efficient, maybe half built into the side of […]

Is it okay to end a title in a preposition? This A to Z project apparently has me feeling nostalgic AF and I am into it! Today I noticed an old photo from our very first overnight trip aboard Small World. I sat there and looked at all the things that have changed just within […]

I’m sure it was Poe who said that. Either way, it’s on the internet now so it doesn’t matter, right?! Well, the internet lies! One of my favorite quotes has fallen victim to this trend of misattribution. It has been attributed to Mark Twain, rather than H. Jackson Brown’s mother. I’ve never heard of this […]