Small World Big Dream

Nonsense writings from sailors who lost their minds among the various boat improvement projects.

I probably shouldn’t write this blog. Every time we experience something to make us feel confident in our cruising skills, something else happens to knock us back down off the pedestal. And every time we feel like we get the boat running along in a well-maintained fashion, the boat gremlins make sure that Craig will […]

Once upon a time, I worked for the feds with a man named Ben. Ben was a tall, barrel chested black man with hands larger than my head. I’m pretty sure that football was in his past- something above highschool level. And true to the stereotype, he was a giant teddy bear. However, in my […]

We are honestly trying to leave this marina, but the refrigeration gods have frowned upon us. Eduardo has been diligently working and testing and adjusting and testing and scratching his head, right alongside us. Craig and I are super frustrated because we’ve been trying to make this system work efficiently for YEARS. And every time […]

YOLO (as defined in Urban Dictionary): An abbreviation for “You Only Live Once” “Carpe diem” for stupid people Uses:        Dude 1: I’m gonna go smoke poison ivy and see if my lungs get a rash. YOLO!        Dude 2: Why doesn’t he just say carpe diem? It sounds way better.        Dude 3: Stupid […]