Small World Big Dream

Nonsense writings from sailors who lost their minds among the various boat improvement projects.

South of San Blas, after a beautiful day sail, we set two anchors in Chacala. This particular anchorage is rolly, even in the best conditions, and setting an anchor from the stern as well as the bow helps to keep Small World pointed in the orientation least likely to cause nausea. Up until this point, […]

Okay. I tried a new thing. I made this post in another program and thought it would translate to this site, but you have to click on the link. I know, I know. But I like how it turned out so I’m not willing to redo it. Plus I wanna learn how to play Mexican […]

The category is: Reasons Why You’re Adrift in the Pacific Ocean at 2am Lucky us, we found the Daily Double. Literally, the engine stalled twice the morning we were en route from Mazatlan to Isla Isabel. TWO TIMES. After our passage from Cabo to Mazatlan, we were looking forward to our trip home for the […]

Crossing from Cabo San Lucas to Mazatlán is done. We survived. But lemme tell you, it was a close fucking call. With that intro, you might be surprised to hear that we had wonderful conditions and were able to sail essentially all 190 miles. Perhaps less surprising is the seasickness I battled for nearly the […]