Map and Current Location

I can’t keep a map of our current location up to date to save my life. When I get my hands on wifi, I have better things to do, like get lost in social media. So, I’m relying on a few automatic options to be the responsible adults in the room.

These two links are based on the signal we send out to other ships to show them our speed and location. You can search for Small World, or our MMSI number: 367709530. Since there are fewer antennae set up to receive the signals on shore, our location may be out of date.

Vessel Finder

Marine Traffic – (This one probably works better for offshore passages)

Look at all the boats out there!

The map below is based on the satellite signal we send out when we use our Iridium Go. Since it is satellite based and does not rely on land-based antennae, it will track us anywhere in the world. Assuming we use that device, it should be up to date! This particular map is just a screenshot, so you have to click the link.

Predict Wind

Just a pimple on the face of the Earth