Newport Beach is home to one of my favorite little harbor boats. This man-made harbor is quite large and very protected from ocean swell. The Duffy provides a stable hull, comfy seating, shade with optional widows, and an electric motor that is much quieter than a gasoline powered outboard engine. I could be the next Vanna White of the boat show.

Some of these little boats have made their way to other harbors (before you ask – no they didn’t motor all the way there through the water) and even all the way to Seattle where I first encountered them at my bridal shower. They’re a great option as a low(er) commitment kind of boat that allows you to have happy hour on the water. This is precisely the reason I am convinced that every single one of these boats has an intoxicated and/or underage driver as I watch them careen around Small World. All I can do is stand on deck, stare menacingly at the drivers, and prepare to defend my home. Sometimes, when they get particularly close, I even prepare my speech for when I fly up on deck and scold them for ruining my paint job. (By scold I mean yell and curse. A lot. Because I’m from Chicago.)

Anyway, I’m not sure how the tradition started, but the majority of these boats have punny names, mostly based on the fact that they have electric motors. Now we judge everyone on the quality of the punny name of their boat. I’m sure you’re shocked and dismayed that we would judge people on their creativity, but when you’re low on income and in need of entertainment, this is where you end up.

Some of our favorites:

  • Watt a Life
  • Ohm Office
  • Watt a Ride
  • In Charge
  • Rubber Duffy
  • Power Play
  • Ohm for Now
  • Take me Ohm
  • Pacific Current
  • Pinot No-Watt
  • Watts of Fun
  • Just Charge It
  • Honorable Discharge
  • Wet Bar
  • Cutty Spark
  • Wattka Tonic
  • Tres Ohmbres
  • Ohmer Simpson
  • Wattchamacallit

I know some of you can come up with some great puns, so watt-cha got?

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