Welp, it’s about that time

Despite my lack of posts for the last six months, Newport Beach has been rather wonderful to us. And despite Craig’s panic attack this morning, it looks like we are aiming for Mexican waters in the next couple weeks. We would love to have one last beach day (even if it is too cold to swim) to hang out with friends and/or sea lions. There have also been reports of orcas nearby so you know, there’s a chance we could see one and I’ll freak out. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

WHO: Anyone and everyone

WHEN: Saturday October 28, 2pm – whenever. Sunset is at 6, but allegedly, beach bonfires are allowed.

WHERE: Near the Newport Beach Pier – just call/text one of us if you can’t find us

Unfortunately (for you), we are (probably) providing zero consumables for this little party. We’ll both be unemployed and Penny-Pincher mode will be in full force. But there are plenty of restaurants nearby for take-out and obviously you’re welcome to bring anything you like.

We hope to see you, the orcas, and a killer sunset.





2 thoughts on “Welp, it’s about that time

  1. We are so psyched for you guys! Unfortunately we can’t make it to the going away party. Have fun and enjoy Small World on the big ocean!


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