They defrosted my cold, dead heart

Last night was our last night in Newport Beach. It was frantic. Lots of chores and lots of errands and lots of stuff to stow. More importantly, it became real that we were actually leaving. Again.

Some things are easier this time around. We have recipes that work, we have Casey to prep them, we have experience telling us that it’s all gonna be fine. Just go.

Other things never get easier. Specifically, leaving people behind who we have grown to love. Newport is no exception. I’m not sure if Small World will come back, but I will definitely return. Who knows what the fuck Craig will do. If he can ever stop working on boat projects, I’m sure he’ll tag along.

In all seriousness, we are eternally grateful to all of the wonderful people who adopted us and created a home for us in SoCal. And I’m sure that everyone I come across in the future will be grateful to Ed, Nicole, and PeeWee for for melting my cold, dead heart this morning when they saw us off from the end of their dock. I’ve always wanted a send-off and lemme tell you, it was amazing. You guys. They made a sign for us. I shed multiple tears. They even arranged for dolphins to swim by the boat. PURE MAGIC!

Now, after a day of sailing in the sun, we are anchored in White Cove on Catalina Island. Casey and I did a workout, we’ve all had a beer, we’ve reviewed our stupid human tricks, and lasagna just popped out of the oven with a side of red wine.

Service is limited. More pictures soon-ish. Promise.

3 thoughts on “They defrosted my cold, dead heart

  1. Are you kidding…, I’ve been crying for two days knowing today was the coming 😥
    So happy you enjoyed your send off, we knew the sign was happening but Ed arranged for the dolphins and well, they are free spirits and you just never know what they are going to do. He must have dropped a substantule amount of food in the water for them to be so amazingly punctual.
    Until we meet again for more fun…. ( and awful hangovers)
    Safe travels to you. XOXO


  2. Fantastic, glad you’re on your way!

    Winds out of the north, gusting to 30, with mixed rain and snow this morning in Seattle.

    Count your blessings, enjoy the heat, and have fun!


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