Small World Big Dream

Nonsense writings from sailors who lost their minds among the various boat improvement projects.

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Recently, a friend and I had a conversation about sailing. She also lives on her boat and has left Seattle, aiming for warmer latitudes. I remember when she and her husband and their very cute dog left the dock and thinking to myself that she seemed to really be a competent sailor and her husband […]

After some extensive research (two nights at anchor), I have determined that sea lions never sleep. When we got to the anchorage in Santa Cruz last night we heard some occasional barking from some of them. Nothing too crazy. As the sky grew darker, their calls became louder. What they talked about all night, Neptune only […]

I take back all the nice things I ever said about Half Moon Bay. I’m honestly not sure how anyone lives there. I spent the entire night listening to a fog horn go off every ten seconds, with the occasional harmony and accompaniment from sea lions and a colony of a million frogs. I tried […]