Small World Big Dream

Nonsense writings from sailors who lost their minds among the various boat improvement projects.

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After a full 24 hours of motor-sailing, we have arrived in Bahia Tortuga. In fact, nearly all the movement we’ve made since leaving San Diego has been thanks to our trusty engine. It’s extremely frustrating that we have the capability to sail and it feels like are wasting fuel, but there just hasn’t been any […]

Sometimes my life is un-fucking-believable. Today is one of those days. We planned for it to be the last day in Ensenada and the forecast called for good amounts of wind and we didn’t have an alarm set for sparrow-fart thirty before dawn. Everyone was excited. I know, because I asked. I think that was […]

It’s 2:30am and the alarm goes off. Craig is out of bed immediately. Casey and I are slow to follow. Within the hour, Small World is out of the slip and into the ocean, escorted by dolphins. By the end of the day, she is in foreign territory. Days like today are surreal to the […]

Today was ultra mellow. Lazy start to the day without any alarms, a casual breakfast with coffee in the cockpit, a swim sesh for Casey, and a short 8 mile run to Two Harbors. Despite the short trip, Craig still managed to repair the mount on Zubie’s motor while we were underway. All in all, […]

Last night was our last night in Newport Beach. It was frantic. Lots of chores and lots of errands and lots of stuff to stow. More importantly, it became real that we were actually leaving. Again. Some things are easier this time around. We have recipes that work, we have Casey to prep them, we […]