Small World Big Dream

Nonsense writings from sailors who lost their minds among the various boat improvement projects.

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Many people assume that passages are ripe for cabin fever. They assume that at some point you just feel like you’re all alone sitting on a piece of cork, bobbing around without purpose or direction or anything to do. Admittedly, there are occasions during a passage when the swell is stacked, the wind is low, […]

Craig is trying to nap, the sun has recently set, and Casey and I just had the most amazing show put on by a pod of dolphins. This was a new species that we haven’t seen yet on this trip. They were larger, slate grey all over, and abundantly playful. The first one I saw […]

Remember how I said that Craig serviced the gear shifter yesterday? Apparently he did not put it all back together again as well as he thought he did. We discovered this after weighing anchor and then not moving forward, despite a significant number of RPMs. The conversation through our headsets went something like, “I don’t […]

Krystle asks the crowd, “What should I write about?” Craig answers, “Write about how great I am.” So I’m still stuck. Serious writers block. Part of the problem is that I am writing this with the intention to send it via satellite connection which prevents me from including all of our impressive photos, so I […]

After a full 24 hours of motor-sailing, we have arrived in Bahia Tortuga. In fact, nearly all the movement we’ve made since leaving San Diego has been thanks to our trusty engine. It’s extremely frustrating that we have the capability to sail and it feels like are wasting fuel, but there just hasn’t been any […]