The Admiral is Back!

We did it. We turned in our key fobs and left the marina. After racing around all day with last minute chores, we actually did it. It felt like the East Bay was bidding us adieu as it rained on us one last time. Honestly, I think the rain is the biggest reason we are ready to get the hell outta here. We were ready for a warm sunny California winter and ended up having more rain than a classic Seattle winter. (Don’t look up the stats on that in case I’m wrong. In which case it’s fake news.) 

We are anchored in Sausalito for the night so we can aim for the Golden Gate bright and early. Luckily it is a quick trip over here from Emeryville since we didn’t actually leave until after 4pm. Oops. One of the reasons we were a little late leaving is because it felt like we were forgetting something huge. It almost felt too easy… the exact opposite of what it felt like when we left Port Townsend. So we just kept finding stuff to futz with, hoping we would remember what it was that we were clearly forgetting. After a while, we decided that it just felt weird because we didn’t have Beth and Cody or Emily with us, and that it was a series of day trips ahead of us rather than a big passage. 

Well it turns out Craig did forget something- the bow line hanging overboard and dragging in the water. WHO LETS US OWN THIS BOAT?! We are clearly not responsible enough for this. Imposter syndrome is hitting hard tonight. Especially because we didn’t notice the line in the water for the two hour motor over here, but also because when it was discovered, it was while we were anchoring in front of a manned US Coast Guard boat. I’m sure they weren’t watching us with binoculars while they hang out on their mooring ball…

I’m just glad that the line was not long enough to reach the propeller because that shit would’ve been expensive and even more embarrassing. #silverlining

Well I am hoping to be posting more frequently again now that we are on the move. I also updated the Map and Contact Us pages with ways to track the boat and get in touch with us along the way. Thanks to all of you who are still following along! Hopefully I can keep us all entertained. 

7 thoughts on “The Admiral is Back!

  1. If your bow line is too short to reach the prop, you’re doing it wrong. Also, real sailors rig their jib sheets inside the shrouds, hoist the jib before the main, and haul on the main halyard with the reefing line and mainsheet taught. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

    Fair winds, you two!


  2. I was reading somewhere recently that race boats (Small World) often fly nylon sails up to 20kts apparent wind!!! So let that mizzen stay’sl fly all the way to Mexico!


  3. dear kraigle ~ you can’t be accused of reporting “fake news”… in which case, i doubt you would disclose self-condemning details! here’s a ginia-ism for you = “keep your wits about you” and sail on!


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