Go, go, go!

Half Moon Bay is rather adorable. At least that’s what I can tell while floating in the harbor. I’m usually not the first one to suggest going ashore (because I’m the lazy one and getting to shore is an ordeal) but today I’m feeling a little… stuck. The dinghy is strapped to the foredeck right now instead of hoisted in the davits. It’s safer on deck when we are sailing in ocean swell so the process goes from annoying (in the davits) to a royal pain in the ass (on deck). Part of the problem (other than my laziness) is that we don’t put it on deck very often. Sailing in the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands didn’t require on deck stowage so we are still figuring out how to be efficient at this process. Most of the time I act like a surly teenager… impatient AF. I’m working on it. (Am I though?)

Anyway, knowing that it would be a solid chunk of time to get the dinghy into the water and then back onto the deck and rigged as the lifeboat means that we are not going ashore in Half Moon Bay. With a likely departure in the early morning, there’s not a lot of motivation from either of us to add to the workload this evening. And knowing that we aren’t going ashore, makes me want to go ashore. I’m impossible. Even for myself. 

The trip down was largely uneventful. No lines in the water, no malfunctions, no inclement weather, and no barfing! What a day! Fauna spotted include:

  • several porpoises
  • one shark
  • several harbor seals
  • one flounder in a harbor seals mouth as it fought a valiant fight for its life. RIP. 

Since dropping the anchor we have:

  • fixed the grill mount so it doesn’t squeak anymore
  • replaced the stays’l halyard and whipped the end of it (thanks for that line, Ed!)
  • cleaned the underside of the dodger
  • finally took off the bow line that was burried on the cleat
  • ate a large quantity of chips and salsa accompanied by a special beer that came all the way from Tucson (thanks, Randy!)
  • someone pooped some very solid poops that temporarily clogged the toilets. 

It’s just go go go, I tell ya!

Ten years ago he was anchored in the same spot aboard SSV Robert C Seamans.

I really know how to work a wardrobe

Guess how many layers I have on.

They missed a spot.

Artistic AF

Trying to spot Rourke’s house

The cap was right. I was ready. The beer was ready. It was fate.

4 thoughts on “Go, go, go!

  1. Love love love! Dale’s grandma and grandpa used to live in Half Moon Bay, in a cute little neighborhood on the water. It’s probably just as good from the water side. Safe travels!!! 😘


  2. The adjectives that you put before each ‘point’ and ‘cape’ that lays in your path define what type of journey you have had. I hope that they are ones that express happiness and joy.
    Wiring Whisperer.


  3. dear kraigle ~ oh wow… ten years, really?? the Seamans was right. craig was ready. now Small World was ready. it was fate. (and krystle had the perfect wardrobe!)


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