Is it okay to end a title in a preposition? This A to Z project apparently has me feeling nostalgic AF and I am into it! Today I noticed an old photo from our very first overnight trip aboard Small World. I sat there and looked at all the things that have changed just within […]

I’m sure it was Poe who said that. Either way, it’s on the internet now so it doesn’t matter, right?! Well, the internet lies! One of my favorite quotes has fallen victim to this trend of misattribution. It has been attributed to Mark Twain, rather than H. Jackson Brown’s mother. I’ve never heard of this […]

If I am anything, I am cunning. During the recent overnight trip from Mantanchén to Mazatlán I was scheming. I knew that we needed to find a slip in one of the three marinas in Mazatlán and I knew that I wanted to be at the one attached to the resort. I also knew that […]

Beer Bulletin with Captain Craig Brew: Ahorita IPA (Right Now IPA) ABV: 5.8% IBU: Unclear, but I’m guessing high First thought: If it was fermented spit labeled as IPA I’d still order it and love it. Mexican Lager can only get this PNW boy so far. Second thought: OMG IT SMELLS LIKE BEER! Third thought: […]

Growing up in Chicago, I knew neighbors up and down the block and even across the alley. It was an old-school neighborhood where people had been raising families for decades. People would chat across the chain-link fences as they hung laundry to dry or the kids played in the dirt. Before I was old enough […]