Admiral’s Log: Day 3

We did it. We made the Big Left Turn. We are in the freaking Pacific Ocean. And I didn’t even have a panic attack. Probably because I was distracted by the whales that came to give us a send-off. Or possibly because Craig slipped a mood stabilizer into my tea this morning. I wouldn’t even be mad if that was true.

As of today we are now standing watches so that two of us are awake at all times, tending to the boat and keeping us all alive. Henceforth, Beth and Craig shall be known as Screaming Mimis. (Alternate names included Hoosker Do’s, Nips-a-daisies, Whistling Kitty Chasers, And Paper. Cody and I shall be known as Whistling Bungholes. (Alternate names included Hoosker Don’ts, Church Burners, Perite Dejuner, Croissant, and Three Ouuta Five.

No up-chucks to report just yet, but I did have a bit of nausea earlier when trying to make the bed during a particularly rolly set of swell. Close call.

We have seen several whales, a puffin, many deals, many porpoises, and something hat was dead and bloated floating on the surface.

Current location:

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