Admiral’s Log: Day 4

We have had our first casualty. Please take a moment of silence for the 3 plates that shattered when the whole stack came flying out. (I’m not gonna name names about who didn’t close the cabinet, mostly because I have no idea who it was and also because chances are high that it was me. I may or may not have a history of leaving cabinets open.) They were good plates and were well loved. RIP.

The Screaming Mimi’s have acquired a pet fly. He is quite large and I’m not sure how he found us. I’m not sure if they have named it yet, but I plan on submitting the name Rupert when they wake up for the watch change.

The Whistling Bungholes have been attempting to keep seasickness at bay. So far we are winning, but there was a close call today. There’s no telling what could happen. We can only hope that if it happens, it happens over the leeward rail. On a less-vomity note, we are sailing with 4 sails, including the mizzen stays’l. The sailing motion helps calm the stomach, which is a nice feature.

We are definitely out of sight of land and I’m shockingly okay about it. I’ve done it before on the tall ship, but that was also with a very large crew and I wasn’t the owner of the ship. The stars at night are quite extraordinary, as you might expect. If I wasn’t trying to keep the food from erupting out of my stomach, I might fully appreciate it.

Current location: http

4 thoughts on “Admiral’s Log: Day 4

  1. Right on, no chumming yet!!! Love the watch names. Keep up the humor and enjoy the stars. You both are doing it and we are proud. See ya in 5 years


  2. Random thoughts.

    Does that current location link mean you’ve become a citizen of the world?

    Re: plates, one word – Corelle

    JLaw: totally. The missus agrees too.

    Re: Whistling Bungholes. Exhaling, inhaling, or both?


  3. I just love reading your logs! I REALLY hope you somehow stop feeling seasick. That stinks! And as far as the dishes, if they were Lisa’s, she’d say, “Fuck the dishes! They’ve had a great ride.” Heck, maybe she opened the cabinet….


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