Admiral’s Log: Day 2

Cody peed on a baby seal.

True story. It didn’t happen todayyyyy, but it happened. And technically the seal, who had likely just lost it’s mother forever and had been crying all night, was asking for it. There’s a whole story there and I’m not gonna get into the nitty gritty of it all, but I got to hear it today. Because when you spend hours on end in a 16 sq ft cockpit, you start to really get to know each other. Today our conversation topics included: high school sports, celebrities you would sleep with (heeyyyyyyyy Jennifer Lawrence), celebrities you wouldn’t sleep with (sorry Steven Segal), how many times I up-chucked at sea on the tall ship (rough estimate of 18 over 3 months), peeing off the rail, and attempting to name the two watches. So… a lot of bodily functions. We also got “Ophelia” by The Lumineers stuck in our heads ALL DAMN DAY. I would link it here and make you listen to it so that you could have it stuck in your head too, but I don’t have that kind of Internet coverage.

We didn’t come up with watch names yet, so please email us your suggestions. It’s Craig and Beth on one team, with Cody and me on another. Bring it on.

Okay, what else? GUAC! OMG! I tried to make guac, but I had been reading my kindle and totes started feeling a little seasick. Cody stepped in and chopped the shit out of those veggies and I took over steering. He did a great job. It was delicious. AND I didn’t send it back to Neptune. I suppose we all won there.

So my anxiety is SUPER FUCKING HIGH because we are likely headed INTO THE GOD DAMNED OCEAN tomorrow. WHAT AM I DOING???? But. Beth and Cody are awesome. And they calm me down. A lot. Considering how much time we had spent together prior to this trip, we have gelled. Is that how you spell that? That’s gotta be a real word. Whatever. I’m drinking wine. It’s a word. The point here is that the four of us are doing well. We are having fun, we are enjoying our time together, and I’m the only one freaking out.

Craig just tried to wine shame me. Listen. I’ll turn this boat right the fuck around.

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