Admiral’s Log: Day 1 

​It’s been a helluva day.

Originally the plan was to be up and at ’em bright and early. But, as we have all learned the plan may as well include a clause that says “subject to change.” And change it did. 

Despite our best efforts to have everything done and lined up, there were inevitably things that slipped through the cracks and things that just couldn’t have gotten done any quicker. Things that we accomplished today include a trip to Market Kitchen to pick up all of our prepped meals, putting the exposure canopy and cover on Zubie and lashing her to the deck, finalized insurance policy for offshore, stowed all the random odds and ends that were left laying around, cuddling with pitbull puppies, put the sail onto the new roller furler, and perhaps most importantly for morale – showers. 

Oh. And we filled up the fuel. And by filled up, I mean over filled. And by that I mean there was a diesel geyser inside the boat. I would call it a fuel-splosion, but I am pretty sure that has an entirely different meaning. To be clear, we did not explode. We did however get diesel into a lot of places where diesel doesn’t belong. I’m pretty sure that it was a sign that I should turn the boat back toward Seattle.

Then we finally left the dock and went sailing and didn’t make it very far. The currents were pushing us back in towards Seattle. Another sign if you ask me. 

Eventually we realized that the currents were too strong and we needed to turn the engine on to get to an anchorage before dark. Because fuck anchoring at night. That’s just asking for trouble. Or for running over a crab pot and wrapping it around the propeller. 

After a little while, Craig went to check on the engine and lo and behold, diesel was spraying everywhere. If that wasn’t a sign to turn back, I don’t know what is. These are the little red flags that people talk about being in hindsight. Well I have fantastic vision according to my doctor and I can see these flags! 

Chances are, I am overreacting and nervous and looking for reasons to bail. BUT WHAT IF?!?!? It would be the biggest “I told you so” moment of my life. If I survived. You guys are getting a really good insight into my thought process…

I don’t know if I can be funny so here’s a word from the crew.

Craig: I want Tupac to know that I still believe.

Cody: I want the Biebs to know that I still believe. 

Beth just hung her head in her hand. She also says “Hi, Mom!”

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