Taco Tuesday

Can there truly be a Taco Tuesday when you eat tacos multiple times a week? YES. Every day with tacos is a day to celebrate. Shout out to the Metcalf clan in Tucson who really got me hooked. One of these days Kris is gonna perfect those things!

Can you believe that even though Craig and I have been sampling Mexican tacos since November, we agree on the best one? And that it was the first one we had in Ensenada? If you’re ever in town, there’s a small walk up spot called 240 Grill near the Baja Naval Marina that we highly recommend.

…….Well okay. I was going to write a philosophical post about how this tortilla wrapped piece of heaven is transformative and you can reinvent yourself by just picking a new taco filling. And about how some people are always adventurous about what they eat at restaurants while the rest of us find what we like and stick to it, you know? And then I heard a bunch of water pouring into the compartment where we just moved the fridge compressor. Wherever that water drained from, it took my inspiration with it.

My saving grace for the day is that I did get tacos for dinner.

2 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday

  1. This is hysterical! I’ve had those days when I’ve been inspired to write the most amazing, insightful blog post ever, then something happens which totally leaves me resorting to sharing YouTube cat videos instead.


  2. dear kraigle ~ this is not fair… it is lunchtime and i am so far from a good taco it’s not funny. if only that plateful in this post could come to life…


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