Remember Where You Came From

Is it okay to end a title in a preposition?

This A to Z project apparently has me feeling nostalgic AF and I am into it! Today I noticed an old photo from our very first overnight trip aboard Small World. I sat there and looked at all the things that have changed just within the photo. I started thinking that it would be funny to see a video of us during that trip to see how we did things four years ago, before we really knew what we were doing.

That trip was an emotional roller coaster. We had spent the prior year with the engine in disrepair and had nearly burned the boat down while trying to keep warm in the winter. I can remember that getting off the dock and planning to stay out after sunset felt like an insurmountable challenge. Even though we thoroughly embarrassed ourselves in front of the 4th of July crowd within Quartermaster Harbor, we were out there, and we were on our own boat. If you want to know what success smells like, it’s apparently a barge-load of spent fireworks.

While I’m still paranoid about embarrassing myself in front of an audience, my confidence levels are sky high in comparison to back then. We’ve actually talked about this a lot recently, especially in regard to docking the boat. After nearly taking out several other boats when trying to dock in Shilshole, I had convinced myself that I had no idea how to steer this blue behemoth. It took a lot of time, practice, and panicking to move past it. It took a lot of patience from Craig when I would literally run away from the cockpit at the absolute worst time possible. “We’re about to hit that dock! AHHHH! I’m out.” I’m not proud of those moments and I can’t believe I didn’t cause any damage along the way.

As we entered the marina here in Mazatlán, I hadn’t given docking a second thought. Then I saw the slip the dock hands were waving us into and I laughed. That was a very tight turn with little room for error. The folks on the boat in the neighboring slip offered to help catch lines as well and I all I could think was, “The more people on the dock to help push the boat into place, the better.” Before I started to make the turn, I realized that this was the wrong slip. I was relieved that I didn’t have to make that turn until I saw the actual slip we were assigned. The folks from the other boat offered to run over to the other dock and catch lines, and I may have sounded a little desperate when I said, “YES PLEASE THAT WOULD BE GREAT THANK YOU YOU’RE THE BEST.”

Without getting into the nitty gritty details, trust me when I say that this new slip is basically the definition of worst case scenario for us. And I totally crushed it! I am absolutely bragging right now, because people keep telling me how impressed they were with my docking skills. At the time, I didn’t realize how impressive it was. Then I went below deck and looked out the galley window and was surprised at how close the neighboring boat was. You guys, I have come a long way. I still have no idea how we’re getting this boat back out of the slip, but that’s a problem for another day.

I’d love to hear about any moments you have had when you look at yourself and think, “Well check me out!”

3 thoughts on “Remember Where You Came From

  1. Look, if you’re going to “Quoth the Sailor” you should remember “from Whence You Came”. ;o)


  2. dear kraigle ~ evidently, it was the day my parents adopted me… four months old and cute and cuddly. they claimed that visitors were arriving at all hours of the day and night to see “the little darling.” how things change!


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