Admiral’s Log: Day 7

A full week since we left Port Townsend! We are all very ready to get to land. We still like each other, we just really want showers. And a full 8 hours of sleep.

Last night, right before the Whistling Bungholes were supposed to get up for the 11pm-3am watch (or as Cody likes to call it, “four hours of vertigo until you get to go back to your bunk”) Beth woke us up early. Normally this would be grounds for a mutiny, but this was an all hands on deck situation. A pod of dolphins was playing all around us. With the bioluminescence you could watch them race around the boat and even dive under it. Normally when you look at ocean water, it’s quite dark and seems like it is topped with a blanket. The dolphins had to go at least 6 feet down to get under the keel and we could easily see their trail.

Cody spotted a shark and a sea lion, too. It’s was probably a great white shark. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but it’s a possibility, and you have no proof otherwise. You really shouldn’t be such a nay-sayer because what if it was a great white shark?

What else?

The seas have calmed a bit and we are all feeling much better. I remain the only one to to puke on the trip. I think everyone else aboard owes me. It had to be my donation to Neptune that calmed everything down. It’s the only logical explanation.

We sailed with all 5 sails up at once. We are officially off the coast of California! We have sailed/motored 600+ miles from Port Townsend. And if the weather does what we think it will do, we might be in the bay by Thursday. That happens to be one Ashley Morrow’s birthday and I’m not sure she could ask for a better present than 4 stinky sailors!

That brings me to my next point. Anyone in the Bay Area able and willing to try to get a photo of us coming under the bridge? I’ll buy you a beer! If so, text or email me and we can try to coordinate as we get closer and get a better sense of timing.

Uhhhhhh I think that’s it for now. Miss you all!

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One thought on “Admiral’s Log: Day 7

  1. Woohoo! I got a shoutout! And yes, my bday is on Friday! I will actually be out of town on Friday night, but should be here Thursday and on Saturday night (albeit doing mounds of homework between fun times) I will be grabbing dinner/drinks with friends, so please come!!!


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