Admiral’s Log: Day 6

In my rush to put down the phone yesterday, because it makes me feel V vomity, I was remiss to mention that Craig is the only one not really feeling any seasickness. At one point or another Beth and Cody each have felt quite terrible. Cody even thought he was about to barf. But, ever the gentleman, he saved the honor of first (and maybe only) person to spew on the trip. What a guy!

I also forgot to mention that apparently, the marine traffic website only works while we are within a certain range from shore. I’m not quite sure what that range is, but we are aiming towards shore so hopefully it will start tracking us again. It sorta feels like the Truman Show, knowing that at least a few of are watching our course. It’s creepy and endearing, all at once. It’s good that there aren’t cameras though because we are all in desperate need of showers, but that is not an easy task at sea, especially when the shower is in the bow. Showering would be pointless because we would all just blow chunks from being in there longer than 30 seconds. We are really living up to that filthy hippy image though, so that’s nice. Baby wipes are the key to success in these situations.

We don’t have any access to news out here. Is the world still going on without us? Has Trump dropped out yet? What’s going on out there?!

Current location: Sent via Iridium GO!

4 thoughts on “Admiral’s Log: Day 6

  1. Hey, guys!

    Just wanted to let you know we’re following along and wishing you guys well. Looks like you’ve almost hit the Oregon-CA state line. Just awesome!!! Hope you’re trolling the bluewater. Looks like you might have cruised right over a killer fishing spot called C-square 40-50 miles SW of Tatoosh when you hung that left turn 🙂 Drop in the blog where the next port is planned. I’m sure we’re not the only ones curious about your plans.

    Fare winds and following seas


  2. “We don’t have any access to news out here.”

    Don’t even worry about about that! The news will still be there when you get back.

    There are more zombies walking about now then normal since the outbreak, but it seems fairly managab…. AHHGHH one just fucking bit me!


  3. While each of you are doing the “BIG SPIT”,Craig could score you for form, shape, and distance. Points will be deducted for not having both feet on deck with toes pointed perpendicular to the gunwale, and not having both hands holding the rail, with thumbs and fingers forming a perfect “C” shape. You can enhance your score with volume and noise.
    Wiring Whisperer

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