Where in the world is S/V Small World? (To the tune of Where in the world is Carmen San Diego)

For those of you who aren’t in the know about early 90’ds kids shows…

The time has come. We are leaving Port Townsend and aiming for the Pacific Ocean. Even typing this gives me a bit of anxiety nausea and I’m sitting on dry land. It could be the scopolamine patch that I’m testing, but that is supposed to prevent nausea. Or maybe I’m hallucinating the nausea? That would be fucked up.

I am assuming (hoping) that there are a few of you out there who would like to know where we are over the next several days. There are a couple options.

Option 1: Follow this blog. I will be posting updates at least daily (assuming I’m not busy barfing). It’ll be a post with a link that looks like this:


and hopefully some upbeat news like “We’re all still alive and the boat is still floating. We have made forward progress and broken only a few things that don’t cost much money.”

Option 2: Use the Marine Traffic website to search for us. This should be updating consistently, whether or not the entire crew is at the rail spilling lunch.

Option 3: Consult a local witch with a tracking spell.

You’ll probably wanna check frequently, since we’re a racing boat and we move so quickly. We are anticipating an average of 5-6 knots per hour, which would mean an average of about 130 nautical miles per day. The goal will be to leave Neah Bay and head straight for San Francisco Bay. But we may have to stop along the way because of weather, fuel, equipment, who knows.

If you would like to send us an email, send it to svsmallworld@myiridium.net but pllleeeaaassseee make sure it is text only, no attachments. That shit takes a while to download over satellite. It’s like being back on dial-up with only one phone line and then your mom picks up the phone and kills the connection and you have to start all over again.

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