Leaky Hatch Strikes Again!

First things first (I’m the realest), there is something that you should know about me. I looooove sleep way too much. Crawling into bed is one of my favorite activities and the alarm clock is my arch nemesis. I still can’t figure out if the snooze button is an enemy or an ally. As a child, I missed all of the Saturday morning cartoons and would always hear the ol’ “Ohhh she’s alive!” bit when I had finally surfaced, which only made me crabbier and more reluctant to wake up. There was once a fire across the alley from my house and multiple fire trucks showed up. They were probably no more than 100ft from me. I only know they were there because someone told me in the morning. Who sleeps through fire truck sirens?? This girl.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised then, when Craig crawled into bed the other night (I’m a couple months late in posting this…) and there was a giant puddle on the blankets. On top of me. Once he told me, I considered letting the blanket stay there because I was too sleepy (and crabby) to want to do anything else. So I laid there for a bit. And as the drops continued to fall onto my puddle, I realized they were splashing my face. So not only did I sleep through the puddle creation, I slept through my face being in the splash zone. What is wrong with me?!

Craig went up and put the tarp over the hatch, put the blanket out by the heater and dehumidifier, and came back to bed. Luckily the comforter didn’t get soaked all the way through, so our other blanket and mattress were still dry. The main drip onto me had stopped, and the secondary drip onto Craig’s face also stopped. And we slept happily until that damn alarm went off.


Craig’s version of rigging the tarp means laying it down with something slightly heavier on top. Thank Neptune the winds weren’t in full force!

6 thoughts on “Leaky Hatch Strikes Again!

  1. My favorite is when condensation on the hatch drips in your ear towards morning – when your subconscious is struggling to come to the surface but your much more powerful sleep monitor is winning. Until that drip. WHAT????!!!!


  2. On our WS42 Ketch, Harmony, out aft cabin hatch has started leaking. Yes, I know all about the puddle! The leak is created by the teak slats on our plexiglass/lexan hatch panel. These slats are screwed down from the top and up from the bottom. After almost 40 years the rain finally won. I will be rebuilding both hatches of this style this winter: rebedding the polycarbonate and putting new slats on along with new bedding material. Sadly, this is not the only leak issues. How are your caprails holding up?


    1. We found a good deal on some new hatches and totally replaced the original ones. They were way to heavy and couldn’t be opened from the deck which was just plain annoying. After some rain and now snow, we can finally report that the hatches are sealed!! And so far the cap rails have not been an issue. =)


      1. Great for you with the new hatches. Our caprails will need to be removed and rebedded this Spring. Alack and alas, other than the deck hatches, this is the only area we have leaks and they are serious. Dang, I had recaulked the entire inboard and outboard joint on the caprails, but when it rains, the water just continues to drip down from the bulwarks. Ah, nothing a little time and fiberglass won’t fix. the joys of restoration!!!


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