Happy (belated) birthday to K!

Seriously. Craig bought and installed two new heads for my birthday. Dirty Thirty is the real deal.

Can we all just take a minute and agree that my husband is pretty rad? Craig spent a crazy amount of time researching marine toilets before settling on the Lavac brand. It doesn’t automatically flush, but it could potentially double as a manual bilge pump if needed. Two-fer for the win. If you’re actually curious about why Craig was so excited about this brand, just ask and he’ll tell you. But you’ll need to prepare yourself for a deluge of information. He read more about marine toilets than he ever did in nursing school. (I’m mostly exaggerating. Craig is a GREAT nurse!)

Can you believe how lucky he is that he just got away with buying me toilets for my birthday? Hoping for a wind-vane for next year!


2 thoughts on “Happy (belated) birthday to K!

  1. Only fellow boaters can understand how wonderful (and expensive) this sort of gift is. And how much time is spent installing it. It is much better than earrings or shoes or dinner.


  2. dear kraigle ~ yes, craug is pretty awesome (of course, I would say that!) but the one who accepted such a gift for her birthday must be just as incredible! and unselfish… on second thought, not entirely unselfish, but definitely loving!


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