The Honey-do List

Many of you (do you like how I assume that there are many of you to begin with?) have asked us what sort of projects we still need to do before we chop the dock lines and set sail for good. It’s not a question we can easily answer because you’re mostly a bunch of landlubbers. I don’t fault you. Just saying.

In reality, it’s hard to answer because the list is wicked long and a source of frustration, as you might imagine. Tonight, Craig and I are making an attempt at getting our list a bit more organized and prioritized. Because the ocean is calling and we must go. (I totally just ripped that quote off from someone famous but he was talking about mountains so it’s totally different.) Here is a peek into our evening and into Craig’s brain. If you ever wonder why he is mumbling and cursing under his breath- now you know.


6 thoughts on “The Honey-do List

  1. Hi Krystal, I thought the post it note thing was a great idea until I saw a blogger putting them up on the salon wall and it almost covered it….I decided to put up the Monet instead. Less mumbling and anxiety for me. I just do spreadsheets which at the click of a button are gone…see I am in control. Not really, but not going to let those colorful buggers get the drop on me. Great blog.


    1. Luckily they haven’t taken over the boat yet- we left them at the apartment for now. Hoping to make something a bit less chaotic once we get it organized!


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