I need to stop jinxing myself.

Craig and I cannot fit all of our stuff shit on the boat. Like most cruisers/live aboards, we have a storage unit. Ours happens to be in our friends’ basement which is nice because we can also scam laundry and showers while we are there. Our old mattress is also there so we could potentially spend the night if needed. Or if we pass out after a night on the town. Because we are responsible people who don’t drink and drive. We drink and sleep like adults!

So I’m here at the storage unit on a Saturday night trying to sort through stuff and get rid of it because my life is glamorous. I’m also on a mission to find my snowboard pants. Well I found them! I got so excited that I texted Craig even though I know he’s on a plane and won’t see  it ’til later.


Literally five seconds later I knock over a box of tiny pushpins. I’m only wearing slippers. I just had to say something, didn’t I?


I was going to write a post about how I conquered the storage unit clutter but I think it just kicked my ass. I will not be defeated!

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