X Marks the Spot!

More accurately, a little red dot marks the spot. I learned about a feature of our Iridium Go the other day that allows us to maintain a tracking page. I’ve updated our maps page to include the link for any of you who want to stalk us. In land life I’d be totally creeped-out at the idea of being tracked so closely but knowing that these options are available while we make passages calms my anxiety. Even if it isn’t true, I tell myself that someone, somewhere, is out there watching our boat move across a computer screen and that makes me feel good. Especially on night watch.

Here’s the link to the map (I’ve updated our Maps page with this link, too) – just look for the little red dot that represents me, Craig, Small World, and nearly all our possessions, bobbing along the surface of the water, begging Neptune for safe passage and the right amount of wind. It should maintain a historical path of the last few months once we start moving again. As soon as the fridge is fixed, and the leaks are stopped slowed, we will be on the move, heading north! Prepare yourself for wicked speeds of approximately 5 knots! Wooooo!

Predict wind example

Just a pimple on the face of the Earth

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