If I am anything, I am cunning.

During the recent overnight trip from Mantanchén to Mazatlán I was scheming. I knew that we needed to find a slip in one of the three marinas in Mazatlán and I knew that I wanted to be at the one attached to the resort. I also knew that we would be spending money on the repair and that Craig wouldn’t want to spend extra money at the marina, just to be attached to a resort. Accordingly, I spent several hours of my night watch trying to figure out how to propose that we stay at a marina that costs significantly more than the government run marina.

By the time we were within ten miles of the harbor entrance, I was prepared. Given any more time and a serious dose of anti-seasickness meds, I could’ve prepared a slide deck, a poster board, a flow chart, and whatever else those entrepreneurs have when they enter the Shark Tank. For all  my suggestions, I anticipated the response from Craig and had a counterpoint ready. The only other thing that could’ve made me better prepared was a power suit and 5-inch heels, so we’d be on the level.

I jumped at the rare moment when Craig was sitting and laid it all out. “I think we should stay at El Cid. The fridge will be out of commission and the folks on Dogfish and Shamaya said they had some tasty food at the café there. I’m pretty sure they said it was cheap, too.”

And then… he just said, “Okay.”

Halfway through my first rebuttal I realized that there was nothing to argue. Case closed! Count it as a win! A few minutes later Craig said, “I know what you did. You got to me talking about food.” He’s not wrong, and I’m not a rookie.

So here we are, sweating profusely as we wrestle with the guts of the refrigeration system during the day, and soaking in the hot tub with margaritas in the evening. Knowing that there is a pool and jacuzzi available after a tough day makes the work a little more bearable. Well, that’s what Craig says. And whatever gets him to do the work makes me happy, too.

4 thoughts on “Poolside!

  1. You guys can take a dip in our pool anytime. I can make you tacos, and Rick will whip up the Margaritas.


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