Keeping it Real

Today’s writing motivation is at a critically low level. It could be because I used up all my energy in this morning’s workout. It could be because this morning, my “friend” Brian alleged that Robin Williams was a mediocre actor, at best. It might be because I’ve been busy killing jejenes all morning. Or maybe because the forward head has been struggling to flush properly over the last week and Craig is currently taking apart the flushing pump. The smell is not great.

I could go into all of the details about what kind of toilet we have, how it works, and how it was malfunctioning. But I’m not sure I have it in me today. There’s only so many times the pee can return to the toilet bowl after it’s been flushed before my spirit is broken. Today was the day. Thank goodness Craig is handling it. Everyone applaud Craig!

Now that I’m nearly half way done with this A through Z blogging challenge, does anyone have any ideas or questions that I should write about for the second half of the alphabet?

6 thoughts on “Keeping it Real

  1. I have mixed feelings about this A-Z blogging thing. On the one hand, I like seeing the updates. You’re a good writer with a good sense of humor and an edge (like my better half) and it’s fun to hear about your adventures. On the other hand, it sorta feels like having a friend on a fad diet, totally unsustainable and therefore bound to end in disappointment and exhaustion. I’d much prefer you set a sustainable blogging goal (once or twice a week?) and kept at it for good.

    Anyway, to your question, one thing I think would be good to add to the repertoire would be the occasional “morning tea” post like Paul at Lat43 does:

    I’m guessing he just writes the little absurdities down for a month or so until he’s got a good collection since I can’t imagine anyone could come up with all that gold in a single sitting. You both have a similar sense of humor so I think it would work. Bonus: they’re vegetarians too!


    1. This is definitely not sustainable!! And I don’t want it to be. It has helped get back into the flow of writing and has helped me feel like I don’t have to have a big boat project to warrant a post. After the challenge I think I’ll set a more reasonable goal – hopefully more frequently than in the past!


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