Ganar Dinero y Tomar Vino: A Summer Mission

We have our priorities straight. Make money and drink wine. It’s the way of the world. But we haven’t earned money in a little while and we’d like more wine. And that’s why I’m using this blog post to let you know that we’re looking for summer gigs. This lifestyle of luxury with endless repairs, mountains of tacos, and infrequent showers doesn’t pay for itself. And even though the tacos are reasonably priced, boat repairs are expensive in any country.

Small World will be on land somewhere north of 27°N for hurricane season and we will fly home looking for employment. Consider this a request for any help or leads you may have. The extremely loose time frame is probably maybe mid-June to mid-October and we need to make at least 6 figures. Kidding about that last part… unless you have a job that pays that. Then I’m serious.


I (Krystle) am looking in the Seattle area for something office related (tech, HR, admin, etc.) and easy to get to without a car. Also open to childcare for all you friends having babies 😉 Skills include: reversing a full keel boat, surviving seasickness, impeccable head attire (see photos), and typing a lot of nonsense rapidly. Awards received: Perfect HH attendance.

Craig is looking for captain/crew gigs almost anywhere so long as there’s cheap (better yet, free) housing if it’s not in Seattle. Skills include: keeping people alive, keeping a cruising boat running, and delicious cooking. Awards received: Best Half-dressed Crew. I anticipate a fair amount of culture shock for Craig who will have to start wearing shirts again. No one remind him that jeans are also likely. He’s not ready.

Sorry this is a boring post, but I HOPE to make it up to you tomorrow… get it… because H is tomorrow’s letter? Ugh. Ignore that. Just tell us where the jobs are. Thaaaaaaanks!


Don’t we look employable? Don’t you want to work with us?

7 thoughts on “Ganar Dinero y Tomar Vino: A Summer Mission

  1. I have no jobs to hook you up with as I too am on a cruising boat, but do tell me more about your skill at reversing a full keel boat. Are you able to do this without 1) hitting a piling 2) almost hitting the boat next to you 3) swearing 4) reversing, but in the opposite direction you need to reverse in or 5) looking like a complete newb to those who’ve gathered on the dock to watch the spectacle.

    Because I usually manage 4 out of 5, and our boat is not considered a full keel, but it backs up like it is. What’s your secret?


    1. Ha! The learning curve has been steep! I would say that throwing the week hard over and really goosing the engine helps to counter act the prop walk. We walk the stern to port so I throw wheel hard to starboard. Once the boat gets moving in reverse, start to straighten out the wheel. For us, once the boat has some momentum then we have more steerage and the prop wall is less overpowering. I still look like a newb on occasion – like when I forget that the hydrovane rudder is hooked up, or when it is super windy and the bow gets caught by the breeze. In that case, if we are anchoring, I just tell Craig to stop paying out rode and let the wind bring us back around. Hopefully some of that makes sense!


      1. Ah, I usually keep the wheel straight and try to back it up that way with someone on the dock helping out. I’ll try it your way and see what happens because right now, it’s only luck that gets me out of a slip without incident. Thanks!


  2. If Craig’s down to renew his license…you know the Burn ICU probably always needs help at summertime. at least per diem I’d think? Love that you’re doing more frequent blog’s right now Krystle. It’s the only one I read and it’s damn entertaining


  3. dear kraigle ~ you’re wrong… it is not a boring post (funny is more like it)! and all the best in the ganar dinero portion of your priorities!! (The tomar vino part will take care of itself.)


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