Children on Boats

Nope. I’m not pregnant. But if I were, I’d be facing a serious dilemma about where to raise that kid. Land life would certainly be easier in many regards, but boat kids are the best.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle has been our base for the last several months. It is a popular cruisers destination for many reasons, but it is very popular for cruisers with kids because of the well-established kids’ club. With organized events and activities ranging from making a mini water craft to race at the pool (from materials collected during a beach clean-up) to learning how to wait tables and run a restaurant (and tips being donated to local charities) kids are able to learn a lot of skills and find some companionship without having to talk to boring adults. Every morning after the adult Net on the radio, the kids even host their own version. They make plans, they tell jokes, and they help each other with their studies. From a kid’s perspective, La Cruz is a tough place to beat. And since we’ve been here, we’ve gotten to know several of them.

I’m not saying that all land kids deserve coal in their stockings, but it seems like something about the cruising lifestyle helps molds these wee ones into gems. The kids we have met so far have been kind, generous, considerate, patient, helpful, polite, smart, clever, and self-reliant. I watch in amazement as they navigate the various challenges in life with poise and composure that I’m not sure Craig possesses. I wouldn’t call them fearless, in fact they are aware of risks and their own capabilities and make appropriate decisions based on the information available to them.  I know for sure that I’ve worked with adults who can’t put those skills on their resume. These kids are getting exposed to so many diverse cultures and walks of life, it’s almost as if they can’t help but grow up to become conscientious world citizens.


See? Not scared at all.

We met the family aboard Free Spirit shortly after my birthday and recently got the opportunity to spend some time getting to know them. Let the record show: Dylan is a delight. His parents have to be tired of hearing it. They’re probably like the folks who can’t walk their super cute dogs in public without getting stopped every five feet by someone who asks them all the same questions while plotting to steal the dog (guilty as charged). Every time I told Jon and Kristi how amazing Dylan was I’m sure they were thinking, “Yeah we know… he has a fan club.” Well after watching that kid interact with the world around him, I’m ready to apply and pay membership dues. Just so long as he keeps holding my hand.

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