The next sunset is a Cabo San Lucas sunset

Craig is trying to nap, the sun has recently set, and Casey and I just had the most amazing show put on by a pod of dolphins. This was a new species that we haven’t seen yet on this trip. They were larger, slate grey all over, and abundantly playful. The first one I saw made an appearance by leaping out of the water so high she could have jumped over the lifelines and into the cockpit with us. The group of them continued to leap and flip and splash in our bow wake. Casey and I even got splashed as we watched and cheered uncontrollably with pure joy.

These are the moments that make me allow me to, at least momentarily, stop fretting about the seasickness, the price of diesel, the litany of repairs and maintenance needed, and the drudgery of transiting from one place to another. There are no photos or videos to share, but I doubt Casey and I will soon forget.

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