Gringos as far as the eye can see

Krystle asks the crowd, “What should I write about?”

Craig answers, “Write about how great I am.”

So I’m still stuck. Serious writers block. Part of the problem is that I am writing this with the intention to send it via satellite connection which prevents me from including all of our impressive photos, so I am inclined to wait until a solid Wi-Fi connection for the real deal. Let’s hope I remember! Maybe I should set a calendar reminder….

Currently, the boat is anchored in Bahia San Juanico which is apparently a world class surf spot. We’ve been told that it is one of the best right hand point breaks on the Pacific coast. And that means there are a lot of gringos here who have built several massive houses on the bluff above the surf spot. It sounds like it is easier to get here than it once was, but it does still seem like minimal resources for anyone interested.

But seriously, Craig is pretty great. So far on this trip, he has fixed/futzed with a lot of things. Today he serviced the gear shifter and investigated the leaky hydraulic fluid. Other days included: repairing the freon leak, installing a new sink drain, reinstalled solar panels, whipping lines, making water, dumping holding tanks, and various other tasks while Casey and I play chess and Hanabi. He hates games though so it’s a win win. But everyone should definitely shower him with praise. You should also encourage him to shower. Please. For our sakes.

One other thing Craig fixed today: Casey’s phone case. The glass over the camera lens was dirty and he swore that with a little rubbing alcohol he could clean it right up. Then we heard the little piece of glass that constitutes the entire lens fall to the sole. Her case is supposed to be waterproof and ultra resilient, but it was not Craig proof. In the end, he got the lens back in, but yet to be determined if it is still waterproof…

I just want to make sure no one is under the impression that Casey and I aren’t helping. Casey is helping a ton. I am helping some.

One thought on “Gringos as far as the eye can see

  1. If Craig is using a hand pump and a 5 gallon pail to dump the holding tank, a shower is in order. If not, salt water is fine. (Don’t waste the water). If, however, when he is swimming, the fish start bothering him, because he smells like an empty, sun soaked bait barrel, on a Mexican fish boat, then hose him down.
    Safe cruising
    Wiring Whisperer


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