“Can you even imagine?”

“Can you even imagine?” Emmy said in her best Christian Bale (as Batman, duh) voice. And then we all lost it. 

It has been a successful trip to Port Ludlow and we are all just a bit more tan. Or dirtier. It’s currently unclear.

We motored most of the way and sailed for about 15 minutes. Mission Chaco Tan remains in progress and we are still in pursuit of the orcas. I HAVE to see them in the wild. 

For those of you that are following the contest to name the dinghy, we are happy to announce that a name has been selected! The person who submitted the winning name may have had some insider knowledge because the winning name is my favorite navigational star: Zubenelgenubi! (Zubie for short.) We absolutely loved how creative all of the suggestions were and there were definitely some names that almost won. If any of you come to the boat, we will take you for a ride! 

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure!



One thought on ““Can you even imagine?”

  1. dear kraigle ~ for a “back to the future” update — zubie got lots of compliments (as master mcmaster zipped around the harbor) during my newport beach visit (June 2017)!!


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