The start of 2015: sunny, snotty, and in mostly good spirits

Happy 2015 to you and all of your loved ones! Here aboard Small World Craig and I had a pretty low key night. We met up with some friends for a quick drink and barely made it past midnight. I like to blame it on the fact that I’ve been sick for a couple weeks, but I’m also just not super excited to fight crowds and be outside in the cold. I’ll stick to warm weather fireworks!

Since it’s officially winter, warm days aren’t that common. So with the sun and lack of wind today, Craig we decided to knock out attempt to start a pesky project. Recently our wind generator has been acting a fool and throwing temper tantrums. Since we are plugged in at the dock it should just be sitting up there, quietly, doing nothing. But no. It likes to spin manically and try to charge batteries and then engage the brake and make lots of terrible noises. Once again, we are those neighbors at the marina. Plus, it’s mounted on the mizzen mast which comes into the aft cabin. So getting sleep has been a challenge during the windy winter nights.

Today was the day! I hoisted Craig up the mast and he was gonna take it down so we could figure out what the hell was wrong with the damn thing. Look how exciting it was!


I didn’t even get to use a self tailing winch to hoist him – totally counting that as a work out. I do regret feeding him quite so many chocolates though.

Well Craig discovered that in order to take it down we needed to do a lot more prep work since we couldn’t disconnect the electrical cables from up there. We didn’t have time for that today, so it’s still up there. Taunting us.

“neener neener boo boo!”
-Air X

BUT! We did accomplish lots of little things.
1. Hoist someone up the mast without help.
2. Test out our sweet new headset so we didn’t have to yell loud enough for the entire marina to hear us.
3. I didn’t drop Craig from aloft and put him into the hospital with a coma and desire for revenge.
4. We got to enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine and stock up on some vitamin d.

One thought on “The start of 2015: sunny, snotty, and in mostly good spirits

  1. dear kraigle ~ does it matter that i’m just a little behind in reading posts (i.e., it’s July 1, 2017 today)?! at some point i skipped ahead but don’t want to miss anything! good to know your next post has nothing to do with the third item on your “things accomplished” list from this day (back in 2015!).


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