There is a blog post in draft about our engine woes, but today I will ruin the surprise ending. I got a text from Craig that said “CALL ME NOW!!” and immediately thought something was wrong and had visions of masts sticking up out of the water in our slip). He answered the phone saying, “The diesel started!!!” That hasn’t happened since October. After eight months of patiently neurotically trying to figure out how to fix various issues, the sweetest sound Craig has ever heard, is the purr of a Perkins diesel engine. She fired right up without so much as a single chug-a-lug.

For the record – I am insanely proud of Craig and all of the hard work he’s put in to this project. He’s learned so much from our ever-helpful neighbors and I can’t wait to take them out sailing.

More to come – just couldn’t wait to share the good AMAZING news!


8 thoughts on “IT’S ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!

  1. dear kraigle ~ i think your friends in ballard would like to check out the sound of your new engine! I can personally attest to the fact that it is, indeed, a beautiful thing 🙂 momna


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