Admiral’s Log: Day 9

Inevitably, every time I send in a post, something else happens that I want to share. Then by the next day o forget what it was.

Let’s see… We have been covering some serious ground since the winds picked up. I think we are doing 6.5-7 knots with only two small sails up. Currently aiming for Bodega Bay and hope to make it with enough light to anchor for the evening. Then, once we figure out the tides/currents under the Golden Gate, we will head towards Berkley Marina in the morning.

I can’t believe we are almost there. At day 3, it seemed like we would never get there, and now we are less than 100 miles away. I’m honestly at a loss to say how it happened because somehow none of it feels real. I mean, the cold damp everything feels real, just not the fact that we are nearly done with the Big Left Turn and our first ocean passage in Small World. My god, we are so close to cell service. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve!

Current location: Http://

5 thoughts on “Admiral’s Log: Day 9

  1. Congratulations on successfully negotiating the BIG LEFT TURN. We are enjoying your daily posts. I know Emily would love to be with you and Craig. Blessings, Michele Smith (Emily’s mom)


  2. RIGHT ON, Guys! SO exciting! I finally read most all of the blogs last night, Krystle! I love your writing! Keep em coming. It’s good entertainment for us! We’re all rooting for you guys on E-Dock, and always sharing what we know about “where the kids are” lately. (LOL)
    Can’t wait to hear more….. hang in there and keep your eye on the prize….warm sunny beach bum weather!!
    Love, Deb
    s/v Arvonna


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