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How do you contact a couple of people who move around the world at unpredictable speed and direction? How do you pin a wave upon the sand?


  • Option 1: Most of the time, use this option. We can only check it when we are in port and have access to WiFi, but that should be the majority of the time.
  • Option 2: This email address is for when we are out to sea and using the satellite connection. VERY IMPORTANT CAVEAT! This email can only accept text-only emails. So no pictures, no attachments, no special font colors, no special fonts. If a big email gets sent to this email address, it blocks all other emails from coming in. (subject to change so check back here!)


  • I am assuming that those of you who want to use this option already have the personal number for each of us. So I’m not going to post those numbers here.
  • In the US – nothing special. Text and call to your hearts desire.
  • While we are out of the country – Craig’s phone will likely be off unless we have a good WiFi connection so you may not get a timely response to anything. Krystle’s phone should be on and able to text and call without roaming charges.
  • While we are in the middle of the ocean – We will have a satellite phone, but the connection will not always be on to receive incoming calls. If you really need to talk to us, send an email to Option 2 above and we will try to call you back. But then you have to answer your phone when a really weird phone number shows up on your caller ID. You can text the satellite phone which is super fun for us to receive, so let us know if you want the number!
  • Skype! – If you have Skype installed on your phone or computer, we can call each other for free while on WiFi.
    Craig is a Luddite so add me to your contact list:

Snail Mail:

Believe it or not, you can send us mail! We use a service provided by Dockside Solutions to access snail mail anywhere in the world. You can send us physical mail at the address below, and the lovely folks there will scan the envelope, then the contents for us. If you want to send a package to us… send us an email and let us know so we can figure out what our options are locally. If you’re thinking about sending beer, just send money to my bank account…

7001 Seaview Ave NW
Suite 160-34
Seattle, WA 98117


Or you can try this:

Westsail 42

7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just found/read your blog… lots of fun (for us)
    Hey, well, congratulations! And welcome the the world of slavery. Being a boat slave is… well, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep up the good work, keep cool. It only gets better


  2. Just came across your blog when searching out other Westsails. We are in Victoria, BC. We purchased our Westsail 42 ketch in September and are moving onboard with our two munchkins in June. Maybe we will see you out there!
    Andrew & Marcia


    1. Do you happen to know Will and Sarah from Hydrovane? If so, then I’ve already seen pictures of your boat!! Either way- welcome to the Westsail family!! And yes- hope to see you out on the water!!


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