testing posting our location!

No we haven’t left yet. Still in Port Townsend hauled out making the boat as ready as we can.


The link will take you to a map of where the boat is. I’ll be testing to see if I can get it to embed the map into the post so there might be a bunch of nonsense coming… Oops!

3 thoughts on “testing posting our location!

  1. Linkie no workie.

    I didn’t realize you guys were in PT, we were there two nights ago. We’re hanging out in VIctoria and the Gulf Islands for a bit but will get in touch on our way back through.


    1. No waaaayyyyyy! We drop into the water this afternoon and will be here for a few days and then will be going with a weather window. When are you thinking you’ll be back through?


      1. We’re playing it by ear but probably next Thursday. We’ll touch base when we do!


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