Sailors like it windy, until they’re at anchor

Holy shit you guys! We sailed the entire way to Port Townsend! This is kind of a big deal since the winds tend to be fickle in the Puget Sound and there are a lot of times that folks end up motoring because the winds just aren’t cooperating. Today, the winds were on our side. Mostly. There was one incident where the winds shifted litrally 180 degrees in an instant (not exaggerating), but otherwise we were cruising right along. Top speed was even 8.9 knots over ground!

When we got to Port Townsend, we had hoped that the winds would calm, but no luck. In fact, there is a gale warning for tonight. We are basically sailing while on the hook. Not the most comfortable anchorage, but it could be worse! 

Craig has been living the dream and tinkering with everything. He even started to build a flopper stopper (yep- that’s a real thing) for the eventuality that we end up in a rolly anchorage. 


3 thoughts on “Sailors like it windy, until they’re at anchor

  1. You might consider a stern anchor to set your bow into the waves not the wind. Helps the rollies.


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